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  • Ability to process in more than one period (new month while old month is not closed)
  • Completely integrated with the General Ledger
  • Purchase Journal Report
  • Open Accounts Payable Report
  • Aged Open Accounts Payable Report
  • Cash Requirements Report
  • Multiple Payment selections as follows:

·         Pay: only invoices that have a discount available

·         Pay: all invoices that are due by XX/XX/XX

·         Pay: individual invoices

  • Payment Register with the ability to make corrections before printing checks
  • Ability to put a “hold” on disputed invoices
  • Credits are automatically deducted before printing that vendor’s check
  • Accommodates “expense” and “one time” vendor checks
  • Handles manual “hand written” checks
  • Check printing with payment voucher listing
  • Check Register and General Ledger Distribution Report
  • Monthly check register
  • Vendor Inquiry
  • Automated Reoccurring charges (such as rent) (optional)
  • Multiple Bank Accounts (optional)
  • Bank Reconciliation report (optional)
  • Accrual and Automatic Accrual Reversal (optional)


  • Not having to close the current month before entering data in a new month
  • Significant Savings in the preparation of Vendor checks and preparing the subsidiary report (i.e., General Ledger Distribution)
  • Better accuracy in preparing these reports
  • Savings in accounting services (the computer, not your accountant prepares detailed reports)
  • Reduction in accounts payable expense by the ability to maximize your cash flow and still take advantage of vendor discounts
  • Help to prevent invoices from being paid twice

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