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  • The sales order remains in the computer until it is completely delivered and completely paid
  • All deposits and payments collected are balanced to the daily deposit slips
  • Finance discounts, finance rebates, and under or over payments are accounted for and summarized for the general ledger
  • Layaway payments are processed as additional deposits, NOT as accounts receivable
  • All deposits or additional payments are stored in a payment history file by customer name
  • Each customer’s sale shows up on an aging report and the computer determines (based on payments received and deliveries made) whether the customer has a balance due
  • The aging report also controls cash flow by pointing out old sales that have not been delivered
  • Ability to transfer payments between sales orders
  • Ability to print customer statements clearly, indicating deposits being held against undelivered merchandise
  • Monthly bank deposit report (by bank and day)
  • Optional “Paid and Taken” system for “taken” sales items
  • Special report for “outside financed” sales orders



  • The computer establishes the accounts receivable balances on each sales order which reduces clerical time, increases accuracy, establishes better control and helps to prevent theft
  • Further reduction in clerical time and accounting services is achieved due to the computer accounting for small balance write-offs, finance discount and rebates, bank deposit reconciliations, general ledger distributions, ease in correcting misapplied payments and preparing customer statements

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