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  • Completely integrated with sales order processing, purchase orders, merchandising information, sales reporting and delivery processing
  • Automated inventory allocation of received merchandise to sales orders
  • Computer printed piece identification labels and price tags
  • Sales order item status is automatically updated by inventory changes
  • Stock and sold item transfers from warehouse to store, store to store, etc.
  • Ability to reserve stock on hand or stock on order temporarily, without having to enter a sales order
  • Computer printed picking tickets that simplify the delivery process, and handles both complete and partial deliveries
  • Delivery picking report to speed up the picking process
  • Merchandise allocation inquiry or report (for borrowing sold merchandise)
  • Item sales history inquiry (for buying decisions)
  • Anti-theft controls built into the computer system


  • Better merchandising decisions on special order items due to specialized techniques in merchandise reporting
  • Better accuracy for salespersons writing orders due to computer printed price tags
  • Ability to maintain better control over stock reservations and eliminate being oversold
  • Ability to increase sales and decrease inventory by selling against stock purchase orders
  • Quick turn around for received merchandise
  • More accuracy, quicker turn around and time savings due to the “automatic tagging” of received merchandise
  • Computer printed picking tickets insure readability, accuracy, and create a more professional image for your company. The picking ticket also insures the appropriate deposit is held and prevents or greatly reduces the possibility of double delivery and/or miscalculations of COD amounts.
  • Pick location report reduces the time necessary to pick the day’s deliveries
  • The anti-theft system helps to prevent theft by establishing the proper management and accounting controls. Controls are also established to prevent unauthorized payments or over-payments of factory invoices

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