Specializing in the Home Furnishings Industry Since 1970



  • Gross to Net Comparison
  • Payroll Register
  • Check Printing
  • Check Register, G/L Distribution
  • YTD Update
  • Deduction Report
  • YTD Employee Earnings Report
  • Report
  • W2ís
  • Unemployment Report
  • Workerís Compensation Report
  • Quarter and Year-End Update
  • Employee File Maintenance
  • Income Tax Table File Maintenance
  • Unemployment Tax Table File Maintenance
  • Manual Payroll Deduction Report


  • Savings in clerical time - computer automatically processes payroll registers, check registers and payroll tax reports
  • Better control and more accuracy in payroll tax calculations and reporting
  • Savings in clerical time when information is required by state unemployment agencies or unions due to computer prepared payroll reports
  • Better and more timely information available for payroll administrators

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