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  • “Special Order” purchase orders are created as a “byproduct” of sales entry
  • Unlimited number of lines to describe “special orders”
  • “Special Order” line items automatically ask for additional description of that item
  • Stock purchase orders are created by the buyer based on the following criteria:
      • Sales projections compared to inventory position
      • “Out of Stock” exception report printed daily as part of Valid Data’s management exception reports
  • Acknowledgement system uses “management by exception” principles:
      • Indicates Purchase Orders that have not been acknowledged
      • Points out when acknowledged cost is higher than anticipated cost
      • Reports when estimated time of arrival from manufacturer will be later than your promised delivery date to your customer
  • Acknowledged orders are entered on a special screen which automatically links to all associated files and updates the following
      • Estimated receiving date in purchase order and sales order line items
      • Landed cost in purchase order, sales order line item and receiving files
      • Makes an adjustment to “All management reports” for differences between initial cost and acknowledged cost
      • Provides for the ability to be 100% accurate with gross profit reporting
      • “Cash required” report based on projected receiving of purchase orders and vendor terms



  • Purchase orders for special orders are re-created as part of sales order entry, not as a separate entry that could be overlooked
  • Unlimited description insures that a special order item is properly described
  • Computer system assists the buyer in making the proper buying decisions. Also the buyer is prompted to act immediately on “out of stock” conditions
  • Acknowledgement system provides missing customer delivery dates, insures more accurate gross profit reporting and helps to eliminate paying higher costs due to manufacturers cost differences
  • Provides for more accurate gross profit reporting
  • A salesperson can inquire on a sales order and provide the customer with “estimated time of arrival” for each line item
  • Management can easily determine their cash requirements based on accurate and “up to date information"

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