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Integrated exception programs to provide management with follow-up on problems, such as:

  • Sales orders that are scheduled for delivery next week with items that are still on order
  • Sales orders that have insufficient deposits
  • Sales orders with estimated delivery dates that need to be called to arrange a delivery date
  • Unallocated items on a sales order that have been discontinued by the manufacturer
  • Promised delivery to a customer which will be late, due to the vendorís late acknowledgment or vendors missed E.T.A. date
  • Purchase orders not acknowledged or acknowledged for a date later than the customerís promised delivery date
  • Merchandise allocation report (or inquiry) for merchandise switching between sales orders
  • Ability to instantly recall delivered sales orders by customer name and display them on the computer
  • Ability to establish follow up dates and user defined codes such as: customer is waiting for fabric swatch, etc.


Savings in clerical time due to the following:

  • Eliminates filing and manual look up of open sales orders
  • Quick and easy access to the sales order information
  • Automated follow up on sales orders and deposits
  • Automated review of layaway orders
  • Delivered sales order look up

Increased cash flow due to the following:

  • Follow up on short deposits
  • Follow up on layaway payments
  • COD calculation insuring that a sufficient deposit is left on a partially delivered sales order
  • Results in better customer service and reduction of cancellations due to customer follow up and insuring that proper deposits are left on partially delivered sales orders

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